Bad And Good Things About Tinder 

Everyone knows about the Tinder as it is the most famous dating app worldwide. We start using any app without knowing its cons and pros. Tinder has the best and most popular features that everyone knows but there are some good and bad things about Tinder that we are going to discuss in this article. We all like the features of tinder but don't focus on its bad things. Tinder is one of the best free dating sites in USA as per the reviews and research.

Here in this article, we are going to tell you the good and bad things of tinder. just go through them.

  1. Frustration with no match:

It happens most of the times that you search for the match but the tinder comes up with no result,that frustrates the most. so it is necessary to keep your profile updated and attractive as there are millions of user on Tinder and it shows the result as per your profile. So need to spend some time making your profile more impressive.

  1. Can’t see the next person at a time:

This is the biggest problem we all face on Tinder. You can’t see the next person until you don't perform any action for the current match. Sometimes the situations happen that you are not sure that you have to swipe left or right and you ended up closing the app because you can’t skip that step. this problem needs to be solved.

  1. Can connect via different platforms:

one of the best features of Tinder is that you can connect your Tinder account with many other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Even the privacy of Tinder is very good to keep your profile safe.

  1. Limit for the "like":

Most of the people get frustrated as they get blocked for 12 hours if they are swiping right too much in a short time interval. People want more and more connections so they swipe right but get warned and blocked.

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  1. Crowd on the same platform:

 this can be useful as well as bad for you. Useful because there is a chance that you can get more and more people profile for like. Bad because it won't show you the quality profiles as per your need.

  1. You can find the match anywhere:

If you are traveling and have a long journey then you get bored. so you can use tinder and can find the match for you. it will show you the new people and you can get the partner for you. Use your tinder pick up lines and get your partner.